Information about ultrasonic milk analyzers

The Master and Lactomat milk analyzers are devices that use innovative solutions for the analysis of milk samples. They provide fast results. In addition, devices guarantee the accuracy of the indicators obtained. They can make comparisons between individual samples. This way you can be sure of the quality of the milk. Using the milk analyzers, it is not necessary to pre-process the milk, because it can also be measured cold.

For Quick Results

The milk analyzers are easy for using. Anyone can work with them. The users do not need special qualification to work with milk analyzers. Their software allows to be calibrated for different kinds of milk such as cow’s milk, sheep’s milk and UHT. They can also be used to measure samples of buffalo milk, pasteurized milk, goat’s milk, mixed, skimmed milk, whey and others. The results appear on the display for 20-30 seconds, up to a maximum of 60. The developments and improvements of the milk analyzers from Master and Lactomat allow you to find the necessary solutions. The newest models of the Master and Lactomat are equipped with a internal printer, which immediately prints the results of the milk measurements. The latest device models are also improved with a touch screen. They have USB and several other options for transferring data to a computer. In addition, they have a memory and can store the results of 50 to 500 samples, depending on the selected model.

Smart Devices from Profitechs

It is extremely important that milk analyzers can be used outside of the laboratory. Unlike chemical and infrared milk analyzers, which are only suitable for laboratory conditions. Ultrasonic milk analyzers measure a set of parameters that characterize the chemical and physical profile of the milk production. They provie results for fat, SNF protein, lactose, salts, freezing point, added water, milk temperature Density, ph, conductivity. In addition, the devices take into account the presence of additives that lead to a decrease in the quality of milk and even to its adulteration.