Body – models and colors for different looks

Body – models and colors for different looks

Body – models and colors for different looks

The bodysuit, an indispensable part of 80s fashion where glam is felt to the fullest, is making a comeback faster than ever. Button-up bodysuits, which have moved from aerobics classes to 2020s street fashion, take on the role of a second skin, hugging the body tightly. It also looks perfect with any outfit you can think of, from jeans to skirts and leggings. You can check out Eviza’s range of stylish bodysuits to look and feel cool like streetwear stars with bodysuits with snap closures at the bottom.

Types of women’s bodysuits suitable for every body

Επιστρέφοντας γρήγορα με τη δημοτικότητα των βασικών προϊόντων στον κόσμο της μόδας, το snap σώμα είναι από τις πιο αξιοσημείωτες επιλογές γυναικείου στυλ τον τελευταίο καιρό. Τα φορμάκια Snap, που τραβούν την προσοχή για την άνεση, την καλή εμφάνιση και την προσαρμοστικότητά τους, τραβούν την προσοχή και για το σχεδιασμό και την ποικιλία χρωμάτων τους.
Thanks to the bodysuit, which is ideal for models of shorts, pants and high-waisted pencil skirts, you can create extremely attractive combinations without sacrificing comfort.

Cut-out body styles create an athletic-chic look with jeans, shorts or high-waisted skirts. Lace or leather models, on the other hand, create an extremely cool and dazzling style, a sophisticated and attractive look. If you want to choose bodysuit models in winter, do not forget to give a long-sleeved bodysuit or a bodysuit with a polo neck a chance.

Bodysuits are one of the most functional things you can add to your wardrobe, regardless of cut and color. However, whether it’s a strapless bodysuit or a bodice bodysuit, there are some important points to keep in mind when putting it together.

To create balance in your outfit, try wearing the bodysuit with wide-leg trousers, palazzos or jets.
To create balance in models with a low cut back and fastenings, you should cover other parts as much as possible.
To cover up your extras, you should choose bodysuits in darker tones such as black, brown or navy blue.
To make your shoulders look broader and more structured, you should choose bodysuits that emphasize athletic bodies with the help of necklines.

Για να μεταφέρετε την κομψότητα του κορμιού στη νύχτα, θα πρέπει να συμπληρώσετε τα στυλ με κομμένα ή με λεπτομέρεια αλυσίδας με κομψά παντελόνια ή φούστες.

Bodysuits are getting stronger by the day in today’s fashion world. They are among the essentials that should be present in everyone’s wardrobe, regardless of their style. With a matching bodysuit that looks both simple and stylish, you’ll look irresistible whether you’re at a weekend party or out for coffee.

In the heat of summer, you can take your chic from the beach to the city by wearing a neutral-toned bodysuit over linen shorts.
For a bohemian summer combination, you can combine bodysuit models with a neckline with jeans with tassels and straw accessories.
For a simple and avant-garde elegance in the office, you can wear the padded bodysuit in cream tones with loose trousers and high heels.
You can turn heads by wearing a tulle bodysuit with high-waisted skirts and sandals for a night out.

The bodysuit is one of the most popular options that can accompany every moment of a woman from day to night. You can now add your favorite bodysuit models to your wardrobe. In the Eviza online store, you will be delighted with a variety of models, in different styles, materials, colors, with the high quality of a Bulgarian manufacturer.