Who is offering the most low Bansko ski pass price?

How to spend the winter, which is knocking on the door?

If that is a question for you and your friends and if you like snowboarding or skiing, there is a very cheap option, which you might consider. If you haven’t been to Bulgaria and to Bansko, which is southwestern located in the beautiful Pirin mountain, you should meet that opportunity. Who is offering the most low Bansko ski pass price at SkiPal.bg At SkiPal.bg you will see all the deals which are combined in different packages.
Who is offering the most low Bansko ski pass price?
You may choose a package of lift card plus ski hire with a 15% discount. The same discount you will receive if you choose a package with lift card plus ski school. The school is open for all ages and all levels. The best Bansko ski pass price is with a discount of 45%. That’s the biggest package, which includes everything – lift card, ski equipment hire and ski school. If you don’t believe there is something more to learn about skiing, then you may choose the expert slope, called Tomba. Otherwise, you may choose to improve your skills all the time. For beginners highly recommended lessons are with Ulen Group School and if you’re searching for challenges, you can choose an offpisteride Guide.

The best Bansko ski pass price is available for the winter of 2018 and 2019, so don’t hesitate any longer. The deal with the ski rent and all the equipment is including the skis, the poles and the boots, so you don’t need to carry them from the other side of the world. It can be heavy and risky for the equipment. Why do the things complicated if there is a perfect way to avoid any difficulties? Have a look at SkiPal.bg and decide what is the best deal for you and your best friends.